Katharine Bergacs

Owner /Founder/ Psychotherapist

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an addictions counselor. I began My Place for Peace in 2012 to embody my vision: the creation of a place that is welcoming and compassionate while providing quality mental health services. 

I am also an unapologetic dog lover. I happen to think that dog snuggles are amazing. 

I am an avid reader and tea drinking nut. When dog snuggles are combined with a book and a cup of tea, well, you just described a slice of heaven. 

My goal in treatment is to help you feel welcome, cozy, and at peace while we sort out the challenges you are facing. In my office, you can be your authentic self without judgment. I utilize a variety of different treatment modalities to assist you in your healing and self-understanding. We will explore your thoughts and how you speak to yourself, and we will connect those thoughts to your feelings and behavior. We will look at coping skills and communication skills to improve your relationships and help you feel more connected with your environment. I would say I am very holistic and that we will examine all aspects of you and develop an individualized plan to help you feel more peace in your life. 

Other bits of information about me:

I teach at Rutgers School of Social Work in the fall and spring semesters one day a week. I love working with both undergraduate and graduate students. I get to share my passion about social work, and in return I grow from working with my students. 

I am trained in Addiction Treatment, Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children, Trauma Treatment, DBT informed treatment. 

We will work together in treatment utilizing talk therapy, while also harnessing many resources to achieve your goals.  Don’t be surprised if I recommend your spending more time outside.  I love nature and believe there is also healing opportunities in a walk, a hike, or hanging out in a park.

I enjoy doing presentations on stress management, parenting, trauma, grief, and addiction. 

Books I love:

  • Um… anything by Brene Brown; she is just my hero.  To get a hint on who she is, just Google her. Lots of books, a great website with resources, wonderful heartfelt Ted talks, and other discussions. 
  • I am a huge Maya Angelou fan as I think she speaks so much to being human.
  • I am currently reading The 4 Pillar Plan. This was a great reset for me to kick off the new year. 
  • I highly recommend, Mary Pipher’s Seeking Peace; this just knocked my socks off because I could see my own struggles with trying to manage life in her words and experiences. 


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